Favorite Natural (and Organic) Lipsticks

In the past few months, I have been testing and trying quite a few natural (and organic) lipsticks. Today, I am finally able to share my favorites with you. I am pretty picky when it comes to lipsticks, actually. I love lipsticks, but I do not like the fact that like soooo many of them dry my lips. Also, as we all eat part of … Favorite Natural (and Organic) Lipsticks weiterlesen

What’s in my Bag when (Business) Travelling…

This is my very first „What’s in my Bag“ post and I am pretty excited about it. Actually, I spent this entire week in the city of Nuremberg on the world’s largest organic trade fair, the biofach. It was an awesome and super inspiring week, even though it was exhausting and I have been working 11 hours every day. Anyway, when I packed my bag … What’s in my Bag when (Business) Travelling… weiterlesen

Ethical Christmas Gift Guide – Part I: Gifts under 10€

Hurray for Christmas season! On sunday we celebrated the first advent, tomorrow our little one will open her first package in her advent calender, and TODAY I will share the first part of my sustainable chritmas gift guide. What`s the whole idea behind this gift guide? YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Yes, you can make a difference this year by saying no to supporting brands … Ethical Christmas Gift Guide – Part I: Gifts under 10€ weiterlesen

Everyday Make Up (With Lavera)

Its time for a new beauty post! Finally! I have been missing my beauty posts but since I am only blogging twice a week and since I love posting my Monday outfits there is only one post per week related to something else than my boring looks 😉 in these last couple of weeks food was more important to me than beauty so I posted … Everyday Make Up (With Lavera) weiterlesen

Organic Volume Mascara Favorites

Today I want to share my favorite organic volume mascaras with you… … I have been trying all different mascara brands in the past years and here are my three favorites when it comes to organic volume mascaras: Vegan Wonder Mascara from benecos Volume Mascara from lavera Volume Mascara from Dr. Hauschka All three give my tiny eyelashes some volume and color and all three are … Organic Volume Mascara Favorites weiterlesen

Organic Body Lotion Favorites

Today I want to show you my favorite organic body lotions… … since its the time of the year where we are going to show more skin, its even more important to take good care of our skin and in case you need a new body lotion, I have a few to recommend to you 🙂 The Radiance Body-Lotion from Burts Bees The body lotion … Organic Body Lotion Favorites weiterlesen

My Wedding Part IV – My Wedding Day Make-Up

I am a little exited since this is actually my first ever make-up post 🙂 The reason for this is that I am actually not that much into make-up. I wear mascara and rouge and thats basically it. Anyhow, for my wedding I have been wearing at least a little more so I thought I could share this with you.  As a foundation I actually … My Wedding Part IV – My Wedding Day Make-Up weiterlesen

Getting my lips ready for Fall – Lavera Lip Balm

Fall is coming….. and with it all the typical skin problems such as dry skin and dry lips. I will share a few DIY face masks for Fall and Winter soon but for now I will share with you the Lip Care by Lavera. All Lavera products are vegan, organic and of course cruelty free. Find more on http://www.truenatural.com/lavera.html/ or http://www.lavera.de/ Their Lip Balm series consists of a total … Getting my lips ready for Fall – Lavera Lip Balm weiterlesen

Lavera – my favorite organic make-up brand

About a year ago I presented Lavera to you for the first time……now I want to show you some wonderful new products and part of the make up I am going to wear to wear for my wedding 🙂 Lavera is an all-natural organic brand from Germany and I know the brand since my childhood. I love their make-up, their shower gels and body lotions … Lavera – my favorite organic make-up brand weiterlesen

Lavera Naturkosmetik – a company and product Review

I’ve been thinking about doing Reviews for some time…… but I was’nt sure if I should do it or not, because I wanted to make sure that I only review products of companies which I love 100% and which are 100% organic and fair.  Now I decided to make my first Review about the German company Lavera which I actually know since I’m a little … Lavera Naturkosmetik – a company and product Review weiterlesen